Robert Amft Obituary Notice


2017 Cliff Dwellers Exhibit Curated by Mr. &  Mrs. David Chernoff  (Chicago)

2014 Richardson Gallery  “Robert Amft: Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Designer” (Conway, SC)

2012 Galleries Anaerobic Studio “Robert Amft: The Work” (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2010 Maurice Sternberg Galleries: “Robert Amft: Still Out of His Mind” – Robert Amft: New Paintings, 1970-2010 (Chicago)

2008 Maurice Sternberg Galleries: “Robert Amft: Out of His Mind” – Personal Paintings: 1938 – 1960 (Chicago)

2006 Corbett vs Dempsey Gallery: “Paintings for Particular People – A Survey, 1935-2005″ – Major Works (Chicago)

2005 Hyde Park Art Center  “Robert Amft: Paintings for Particular People”  (Chicago)

2003 Woodland Pattern Book Center

2003 “Robert Amft’s Beastiary” (Milwaukee)

1996 Intuit Gallery: Illinois – Photos 1996 (Chicago)

1994 Rotunda Gallery: Illinois – Photos    (Highland Park)

1994 Caputo Gallery (Madison, Wisconsin)

1989 Illinois Printers (Springfield, Illinois)

1985 One Illinois Center: “Recent Painting” (Chicago)

1984 Kansas State University: “Watercolors”

1982 Countryside Art Center (Arlington Heights)

1981 Hammer & Hammer Gallery (Chicago)

1981 Joy Horwich Gallery (Chicago)

1979 Western Illinois University

1970 Welna Gallery (Chicago)

1970 Junior Museum (Art Institute, Chicago)

1968 Medical Center (University of Illinois)

1967, 1968 St. Xavier’s College

1964 Cliff Dwellers (Chicago)

1963 Panoras Gallery (New York)

1961, 1962, 1964 Old Town Art Center

1957, 1959 Morris Gallery (New York)


2008 “Chicago Art” Artropolis (Chicago)

2005 “Six Rings” Corbett vs Dempsey Gallery

2005 “Chicago at Mid Century” DePaul Art Museum (Chicago)

2005 “Art in Chicago” Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

2003 “Animal Images Show”: First Prize – Sculpture “Coyote” Anti-Cruelty Society

2000 Triennial International Print (Cracow)

1997 Print & Drawing Annual 21st Harper College/Western Illinois University

1997 Bi-State Exhibition Museum of Art

1997 8th International Print Competition (Osaka Japan)

1997 “Roadside Attractions” Museum of Art Lafayette

1997 “Later Impressions”: Best of Show (Chicago)

1996 Midwestern Sculpture South Bend Regional Art Center

1996 Annual Best of Photography Photographer’s Forum

1995 Artforms Museum of Art Lafayette

1993 Genesis – Paintings R.H. Love Gallery (Chicago)

1993 Beverly Art Center: Sculpture Award

1993 “A Place in the World” – Photos Alverno College (Milwaukee Wisconsin)

1990 Midwestern Sculptures South Bend Art Center

1990 “Illinois Painters” Springfield Art Association

1986 Curators Choice Art Rental Gallery Art Institute Chicago

1985 Painting Award Beverly Art Center

1984 “Mainstreams ’74″ Marietta College (Marietta Ohio)

1978 Painting and Sculpture Today (Insianapolis Indiana)

1975 New Horizons – Painting Award Annual

1975 Chicago Vicinity Show: Renaissance Prize (Chicago)

1965 Washington Museum (Tacoma)

1958 Pennsylvania Academy Annual: Youngstown Ohio Purchase Prize Butler Institute of Art (New York)

1952 Hallmark Show: Hallmark Award

1947 Pepsi Cola Annual

1940, 1956, 1963, 1974, 1975 Chicago and Vicinity Show

1938, 1939, 1941 International Watercolor Show


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