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  • Amft Photo 1988 Feb Colors Kaleidoscope
  • Gathering Color 1986
  • Amft Photo 1988 Dec Martin Luther King
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  • Amft Photo Chicago 003
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  • Amft Photo 1980 Sep Picasso Like Head
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Celebrate Robert Amft’s Birthday 100 and his lifework!

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Ahead of the times

Robert Amft 1990 (2X Exposure)Robert Amft born painter, sculptor, photographer, designer, Chicago 1916. He died in South Carolina 2012, aged 95. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1941, Amft also studied at the Saugatuck Summer School of Painting with Francis Chapin.

Making art kept him active and productive for close to ninety-six years. The works of Robert Amft reveal a wealth of never-ending ideas played out in a variety of different media – spray paint, acrylics, watercolors, photography, sculpture and collage. Throughout his works, there are art historical references and humorous statements.

By retrospectively looking  at his work , we realize  how far ahead of his times Amft as a painter, photographer, sculptor, designer was. Amft,  a work-alone American artist, unique, beyond categorization, never followed art movements, groups or artistic schools, instead he preceded, modified or redirected  multiple art movements and trends.

He painted large scale portraits when nobody else did. When serious photography was black and white  Amft experimented with color. He used commercial spray paints and stencils long before graffiti became part of mainstream art business. Amft did not distinguish between fine and commercial art. Unnoticed by the art establishment for decades, Amft  preceded  Graffiti and Pop Art.

For over 75 years Amft produced a prolific work of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and graphic designs, winning numerous rewards and first prizes. Amft’s versatility is bewildering, his work widespread, from abstract to figurative, from outsider to classic, from appropriations, collages to oils, watercolors, acrylics, from brushwork to commercial spray paint, from stencils to intuitive compositions, from photography and graphic design to sculpture.